Amy’s first acclaimed writing was in second grade, when Miss Caroline sent home a beautifully written poem with words of praise, which compelled Amy’s momma and daddy, Fran and Michael, to treasure those four lines of verse. Knowing she wanted to be an author, but needing a steady, paying job, Amy went to college to become a teacher. After graduation and a few U-turns, Amy accepted a job in the state’s housing finance agency, working as an advocate for affordable housing and guiding the people who make their careers by helping people who need safe, decent, and affordable homes.

After completing her master’s degree in English and a doctorate in education (with a specialty in organizational development), Amy expanded her impact at the housing agency through training, teaching, guiding, leading, and loving people.

In 2016, Amy’s cancer diagnosis led her to consider how she could leave a legacy gift to others facing the darkest moments in their lives. She renewed her interest in writing and created what she calls a “ministry of encouragement,” which she explains as patience, persistence, listening, and sitting alongside others on their life journey to share a word of prayer and encouragement.

Amy is a survivor, an author, a speaker, and, most of all, an encourager of others.

Amy has two published works — an anthology with fellow human resource practitioners, called Compassion@Work: Creating Workplaces that Engage the Human Spirit, and My Faith Sparkles: Memoir of a Cancer Survivor.

Email Amy at to request a free chapter from Amy’s anthology, Compassion@Work, or to get a conversation started about how Amy can help encourage your group.