Three Tips for Your Prayer Ministry

Amy Luscher Smith  •   February 20, 2019

ministry cards

Once a week for over three years, I received a four-inch by six-inch postcard in the mail. They began when I had my lumpectomy and continued until I was in remission for a year. That’s over 150 times someone mailed me a note. Over 150 times someone thought about me and my well-being. Most significant, these represented over 150 prayers prayed for me.

Each postcard contained a prayer or verse from a prayer group in a Kentucky church. My most recent one:


God speaks to those who take time to listen; and He listens to those who take time to pray (1 Thessolonians 5:16-17). You are in our prayers,

Your church family

For those in a prayer ministry:

#1 Be encouraged
What you are doing is significant. Perhaps you are sending out messages into the world and never receiving a response back. Perhaps you think it is just a few words on paper. Know that being remembered in prayer was a significant part of my healing from breast cancer and two years of treatment.

#2 Be consistent
For me, there was such a blessing in the constancy of this prayer ministry. I would reflect weekly when I received my postcard on how this group had dedicated themselves to loving and praying me through my cancer and treatment. Your consistency and love can impact in ways you may never know. In the final stages of her cancer journey, a friend covered the walls of her hospital room with the cards, photos, and drawings sent to her from her friends and loved ones. It was inspiration for her during her last days.

#3 Be personal
My favorite cards have tiny pictures drawn in the margin, a small sticker, or have a special prayer written on them specifically for my condition. This prayer group did not know me personally, but I could feel the love and attention that was placed on the writing and drawing on that small card. The fervency of the prayer was evident in the careful crafting of the note that appeared in my mailbox.

In what ways have you been blessed by being part of a prayer ministry or receiving a prayer card from a prayer ministry?

Whether you are part of a formal prayer ministry or not, how can you create something that encourages and shares a prayer with someone in need of one?